33,615 Purchases From 6047 Unique Buyers.

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Hello Fellow Marketer,

Throughout their 8 year history, the Admins at SOTAM
are asked if Safelists/Mailers can actually produce sales to
business opportunities. While no Admin can guarantee
members will buy what is being sold on their sites, SOTAM
has a proven history of members that spend money.

In their 8 years online, there has been 33,615 purchases
of upgraded memberships, Full Page Ads, and Viral Banner
Ads bought by 6047 unique buyers.

That should tell you two things:

1) There are buyers here.
2) There are repeat buyers here!

Does that mean you will be able to sell your offers here?
That is up to you and what you are offering. All I can
say is that the buyers are here if your offer appeals to
them and I want to advertise where there is a long
proven history of sales and repeat sales happening!

Here are some other numbers to check out….

  • No monthly subscription option via Bitcoin
  • Proven and Stable… 8 years old!
  • 37,808 members
  • Ranked #1 by Hoopla for years!
  • NEVER a missed payment during that time
  • 1,865,674,360 emails sent since launch
  • 65,125,746 million clicks (ads opened) generated
  • 375,091,670 Time-Bonus Banner Ad views
  • $367,037.10 in commissions earned by members
  • High commission potential
  • Multiple membership levels available

If you want a system with members that spend money,
SOTAM has a history of thousands of purchases and
repeat purchases for over 8 years now so join now!



Sterling Bryant